About us

Welcome dear visitor!

I would like to say a few words about what this site is and what it was created for.

It all began with my passion for self-development. I am constantly reading books, watching educational courses, attending training, and introducing useful changes in my life.

One day I read a book by Napoleon Hill “The Law of Success” wherein one of the chapters the author convinces of the exceptional benefit of the habit of saving part of your income and building up reserves. I took the author’s words to heart and every month after my salary I transferred a part of my income to a deposit account.

Over time, I began to study the subject of finance in more detail, bought books by foreign authors, and mastered the modest possibilities of the financial market.

Purpose of the project financial expert

There are several goals that I pursued by creating a ivestment expert site:

  • To create one place to systematize and store all the information important to me on investing.
  • To save time to help family, friends and acquaintances who began to notice improvements in my life while asking me a lot of the same type of questions. Agree, it is easier to write an article or record a video once and share a link to these materials than to answer repetitive questions.
  • To help everyone who wants to understand the opportunities that they rightfully have, regardless of the level of wealth or social status.
  • Learn on your own. It is a well-known fact that the one who learns is not the one who is taught, but the one who explains.

I created Up-Investments with the soul for the most active people who do not want to stop in their development and who are always looking for opportunities to improve!

If you think you have interesting materials for our site, have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to write to сontact us !