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10 things you can’t save money on

10 things you can’t save money on

10 things you can’t save money on

Without a sensible approach to financial spending and giving up some excesses, it is difficult to imagine the process of regular money accumulation. Giving up important purchases is not an option, and in any case, as well as in savings, you need a reasonable approach, which will be a guarantee against possible losses.

We have already described how to manage personal and family budgets with the greatest efficiency. We also discussed sensible saving techniques and ways to avoid common financial mistakes.

Here we will consider the cases when it is not necessary to save money or when it is necessary to do it very selectively and carefully, to have a positive effect on your finances. How to reduce expenses without fanaticism and harm to the budget? We’ll look at specific examples.

1. Don’t save money on your health

Health is very important for a comfortable life. Many people now run the risk of serious problems and expenses because they don’t spend enough time on their health, for example:

Dental Treatments.

Paid dental services are usually expensive, time-consuming, and unpleasant. The average citizen won’t go to the dentist unnecessarily, but here you can’t just go to the doctor, the disease will progress.

In the first stage, the tooth can be treated for a relatively small amount of money, but a year or two of your inactivity will turn into a much larger infusion of money and many hours in the dental office.

To avoid this situation, you need to visit the dentist regularly, just to check the condition of your teeth. And if you have a toothache or something else that’s bothering you, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

A Complete Dental Checkup

It doesn’t cost much, but it plays a very important role because you can detect diseases early and get cured. Find a few days a year for a comprehensive checkup with your doctors. Be confident in your health and don’t take any risks;

Sensitive Problems.

Everything that concerns the intimate sphere, for many is a taboo topic, causes embarrassment, even when it comes to a visit to the doctor. Of course, in case of a disease with serious symptoms, a person will go to a doctor gynecologist, proctologist, urologist, etc.

But if it will be something minor, which you can endure and not tell your partner, then many have these thoughts: “better to go sometime later”, “I’ll ask better on the Internet anonymously”, “suddenly someone will know, it’s embarrassing somehow”. You cannot ignore such things, it is risky.

Seeing a psychologist

The idea of seeing a psychologist seems normal in the United States and Europe. They come to him just to speak out, to throw over a heavy psychological burden, to vent their negative emotions.

In the CIS countries, the attitude to this is somewhat different: here people often think “Am I crazy?”, “How can a psychologist help me at all, with his conversations?”, “I do not want anyone to know that I have problems in my life.

If there are problems with your personal or family life that will interfere with rest and self-development, then you need to see a psychologist and life will get better.

Eat right and healthy food

We have already written about the safe reduction of spending on food, where we looked at ways to save on food bases of quality and quantity.

2. training and self-education

Among the common mistakes in self-education are the following:

You have no desire to improve your skills

Find teachers or online schools for your main occupation is now easier than ever: programming, advertising, web design, or whatever.

In any field, there is room to grow. It’s easy to gain knowledge in this age of technology, and learning is available to everyone. Do not spare the time and part of the earned money for their professional development.

You are too late to think about getting a higher education in a field of interest to you
There is a popular belief that a college education is not necessary at all for a successful career and earning a living. Others, on the contrary, believe that without higher education all roads are closed and it is necessary to get it as quickly as possible. The truth, as always, is in the middle.

It is possible that you once graduated from college in a specialty that did not interest you, and now you are working or building a business in a completely different area, and from the knowledge gained at the institute you have nothing useful. To have in your head fundamental knowledge in your favorite field is the secret of any success.

You think that time has passed.

The fact that you may be older does not mean anything and will not complicate your studies in any way. It’s never too late to learn.

Not interested in advertising and promotion on the Internet
This mistake is more common for those who run their own small private business online or provide various services. Now 50% of success depends on a marketing strategy and if your goal is to succeed among competitors in your business, spend the proper time and necessary funds on your training. It will pay off.

If you want to learn, you must make the time and money to do it!

3 The Living Environment

Some might say that a spartan environment builds character and makes you focus on your mission. Sometimes this works, but most people need comfortable conditions of existence to properly rest, build personal and business relationships, and work. People skimp on such an important aspect of life and make the following mistakes:

Living together with strangers
By renting a room or apartment for two, three people, etc., you can save a lot of money, but is all the inconvenience worth it?

The same can be said of situations where a young family lives in a small apartment with the parents of the husband/wife. Wonderful if all of this is comfortable to be in constant proximity to each other.

But this is not always the case. Often such cohabitation is an endless conflict and complete lack of personal space. Get a separate apartment and you will be much more comfortable.

Ignoring the repair of furniture, appliances
If something is broken in the house (we are talking about the things of prime necessity), you will not be able to endure inconvenience for long anyway.

Excessive savings on utilities against your comfort.
Prudent consumption of electricity and water, of course, makes sense, but to count every glass of water, reduce the number of hygiene procedures and use the computer to a minimum – not the best way. Moreover, you should not turn off the heating, expecting to save money on your heating tools (warmers, air conditioners, etc.).

In a city apartment, you are unlikely to find a more comfortable option than central heating. Being fresh, clean, fed, and in a warm and supportive environment will make you much more productive.

There are other extremes that people go to for the sake of saving extra money against comfort. Unless you are in a completely bad financial situation, you don’t have to endure inconvenience in your daily life.

4. Long-term use items

Buying a not-so-expensive smartphone and budget headphones to listen to lectures on your phone may be wise because you’ll save a decent amount of money.

Things that you plan to use for at least a few years deserve a different approach – it could be a computer, a car that you plan to drive for years.

Sometimes it will be better to wait, save up some money and get the thing at a higher price. Later you can save a lot of money by buying something newer. This can also apply to household goods, clothing, and software solutions.

5. Everyday and outdoor activities

Now some people save money on their vacations. This is common at all levels of earnings. Such “economy” manifests itself as:

  • Not getting a normal 8 hours of sleep;
    working without days off;
  • lack of trips to nature and places of interest;
  • lack of hobbies and interests;
  • ignoring family, minimizing communication with friends, parents, children.
    And we are not even talking about sports, constant cultural entertainment. For many working people or businessmen it seems like something fantastic, which you can afford very, very rarely. It is necessary to realize the value of such things.
  • Ignoring normal rest threatens health problems. Try to sleep normally, eat and rest psychologically (weekends were invented not just for fun);
  • Nature trips, to another city or country, going to concerts or the theater – all this gives a necessary physical and psychological relief. You are a person, and a person needs emotions, new impressions, feelings of discoveries, acquaintances, locations. Such emotions make you happy, and therefore more productive and able to work, energetic and creative. Life in robot mode year after year kills the personality, leads to loss of meaning of your existence.
    Our children, parents, loved ones and friends are the real wealth. If you do not take the time to communicate with your loved ones, you will not notice how the children have grown up, parents have grown old, and once close friends have become strangers. Do you need such savings of time and money?

Even from a practical point of view, to limit their communication – wrong, because much in life is mixed up in social contacts, relationships and useful acquaintances. There are many sayings along the lines of “a hand washes a hand,” etc., saying that connections are the most important part of success.

Take the time to connect with interesting and helpful people. This will help not to remain on the margins of life in a difficult situation, as well as manage to raise you the career ladder. Participating in corporate parties, holidays, joint activities seriously strengthens the relationship between people. Perhaps you should not be so introverted.

From all this we can conclude that saving on recreation, communication and simple pleasures exactly will not make you happier, and at the same time may entail a missed benefit, loss of social contacts and personal relationships.

6. Investing in workflow improvements, scaling your business

Some choose to spend money from work on pleasures for themselves and buying things, while others prefer to invest in their development:

  • Buying more modern and efficient production tools;
  • hiring experienced workers;
    outsourcing part of the work, so that for extra money these tasks can be performed by individuals;

Expanding the territory of the business, reaching new audiences.
The type of people who went the route of spending their finances is sure to win at the distance. If you save money on this with the idea of “let it go as it goes,” serious growth among competitors will be almost impossible. Firmly decide for yourself whether you want to be first in your business and increase your profits.

7. Invest in profitable projects, stocks

You need to invest your money to increase your family or personal capital. We already have separate detailed articles on where you can and should not invest, in the Investments section.

Profitable stocks, investment accounts, commercial projects or other instruments can help

multiply your capital. A permanent passive income will make your life truly independent.

Of course, you do not need to spend all the money on investments. You should always have a clear plan of action.

Saving a significant amount of money does not seem like a frugal thing to do. After all, money can be set aside “for a rainy day,” but, first, one does not prevent the other, and secondly, financial independence – the ultimate goal of your efforts to earn money.

Financial freedom with a steady flow of money is exactly the tool that will help you get closer to your goal. And to achieve that freedom, you need to invest in your future earnings.

8. Life, car, real estate insurance

In this paragraph we will not consider in detail the different types of insurance, the advantages of a particular type of insurance in a particular situation. If we talk in general, the insurance often seems something unprofitable, especially if it can be waived under the terms of the contract for the purchase, operation, credit.

Well, sometimes this is true, for example, in lending imposed insurance sometimes does not bear any benefit to the client, and to achieve recognition of the insurance case on the catastrophe related to real estate, it is very difficult.

There are many examples when insurance saved from a large monetary loss, and people who happened to this or that misfortune strongly regretted its absence. Insurance for any risk can remove the need for you to suddenly spend a large sum of money when trouble occurs.

It’s best not to skimp on being able to solve a problem quickly. It’s better than taking a large sum out of your pocket or spending sleepless nights looking for money when an accident, cataclysm or force majeure suddenly happens.

9. Appearance

When dating, people always evaluate your appearance, your clothes, your hairstyle, your charisma. Neglecting your appearance, your image, your hygiene and your communication skills training should definitely not be neglected. This is one of the keys to success. Here are a few simple rules:

  • Do not skimp on clothes, buying cheap things from the market, but also do not chase brands.
  • Choose the right color combinations, follow the elementary rules of businessman image, if you regularly have important meetings;
  • Hair style is just as important as clothes. It is not necessary to visit exclusively barbershops, where even a short haircut costs a few thousand rubles, but a careful attitude to such an important aspect of your appearance is sure to bring good results.
  • You will be more confident in yourself;
  • Oratory skills will always be in demand. If you have any correctable speech defects or problems with actual communication, don’t skimp on fixing them. This will have a very good effect on making useful connections, gaining respect from those around you.
  • Neat appearance, stylish clothes, hairstyle, competent clean speech – all this is important for a person who is interested in establishing business contacts, the ability to accommodate the interlocutor. Saving on such things definitely should not be an option.

10. Modern gadgets and convenient software solutions

Smartphone today – an important part of our life, without which it is difficult to imagine the solution of everyday tasks. It is necessary to choose a smartphone wisely. If you take a hardcore level of saving, you choose a regular push-button phone.

If a more comfortable intermediate option is taken, then it is a smartphone with a minimal set of network functions. An average smartphone for at least 20 thousand rubles allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quickly navigate in an unfamiliar area. Review photos of streets, build a short route with the help of algorithms;
  • Receive information about new promotions, bonuses, good deals in stores. For example, the use of mobile applications of cab services allows you to accumulate bonus points for further discounts on trips. The same can be said about other areas of service;
  • To keep a large amount of materials in memory in case you suddenly need to make some presentation, show an example, etc;
  • Quickly transfer your payment details to your partner. Most well-known banks and major payment systems have mobile applications that can be used to send your actual details to someone.

Some of these functions can also be obtained on a cheap smartphone for 4-5 thousand rubles. Keep in mind that the possibilities will be severely limited by a small amount of memory, weakness of components, lack of NFC chip, high-speed mobile network transmitter.

It is not necessary to buy only flagships from Apple, something from the list of cheap devices will also perform all the necessary functions.

This article lists those categories of expenses, the blind savings on which will bring you a negative result. Saving in moderation is good, but any medicine in excess is poison.

To maintain a balance try to follow the tips described here, then saving will not burden your daily life, impose additional risks, inconveniences and limitations.

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