Types of investment portfolios

Types of investment portfolios Investing starts with a choice. You decide that you want to profit from securities. You want to take it seriously, and that involves creating a sound investment portfolio. The investment portfolio is a set of assets (securities of different duration, economic direction, and liquidity) belonging to one investor or one management company. Your investment portfolio may […]

How to make an investment portfolio

Basic knowledge for investment portfolio Before putting together an investment portfolio, answer the following questions: What is your primary purpose for investing? Serious investing is not a case where the answer may be that you just need the money. Make a clear and understandable goal. For example, to have a constant passive income of N rubles per month by 2025, […]

Investing in Stocks for Beginners

Investing in Stocks for Beginners Living on investment income is the epitome of true financial freedom. Investments can be understood as an investment of money or other valuable resources in anything with the expectation of multiplying funds in the future. And now, it is time to put your money saved to good use. But what should you choose? Opening a […]

How to choose a stock for investment

How to choose a stock for investment You must become a good market analyst if you want to invest on your own, rather than outsourcing it to a specialist. You should not buy shares of unprofitable companies or go along with advertisements that talk about minimal risks and enormous growth prospects. A thorough analysis of the company is required. Investors […]

10 things you can’t save money on

10 things you can’t save money on Without a sensible approach to financial spending and giving up some excesses, it is difficult to imagine the process of regular money accumulation. Giving up important purchases is not an option, and in any case, as well as in savings, you need a reasonable approach, which will be a guarantee against possible losses. […]